Question: What is family like in Israel?

Among Israeli Jews, the great majority of families, of both European and Afro-Asian origin, combine traditional Jewish family values and norms with modern features. These are medium-size families with an average of three children. Marriage is seen primarily, though not only, as a framework for raising children.

What is Israels family structure?

The most common family unit is the nuclear family. Some households may have more relatives (such as grandparents) living in the same home. In other cases, the nuclear family unit may live near their extended family. In these arrangements, grandparents, aunts and uncles often help in raising the children.

Are Israelis family oriented?

Israel is an extremely family oriented society and sees the family as its basic unit. This derives largely from Jewish tradition, but is reinforced by the geography of the conservative societies around the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece) and the Middle East.

What is the average family size in Israel?

3.72 persons In 2019 there were approximately 2.14 million families in Israel, compared with 1.80 million in 2010. The average size of the Israeli family was 3.72 persons, the same as a decade ago. The most common living arrangement is in a family framework.

How many children do Israelis have?

With an average of three children per woman, Israel also has the highest fertility rate in the OECD by a considerable margin and much higher than the OECD average of 1.7.

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