Question: Who is Charlotte dating?

Charlotte Crosby has been dating boyfriend Liam Beaumont for just over a year after exclusively confirming to heat that she was seeing someone new back in April 2019.

Who is Charlotte in a relationship with?

Charlotte Crosby has been dating boyfriend Liam Beaumont since 2020, but who is he? Charlotte Crosby, whos currently taking part in The Celebrity Circle, is dating boyfriend Liam Beaumont and theyre so loved up!

Is Charlotte Crosby still dating Liam?

Charlotte Crosby has reportedly split from boyfriend Liam Beaumont and booted him out of her Newcastle pad. The Geordie Shore star, 31, is said to have had a number of big bust ups with her videographer beau recently.

How old is CHARLOTTE Crosby?

31 years (May 17, 1990) Charlotte Crosby/Age

What happened to CHARLOTTE Crosby and Liam?

The reality TV star had a series of furious bust ups with videographer Liam, who she started dating in February last year. Those close to Charlotte, 31, said she chose to end their relationship after realising things were different for them as a couple after the country came out of lockdown.

Who is Charlotte Crosby ex boyfriend?

Charlotte Crosbys ex-boyfriends: Scotty T Charlotte and Scotty T go way back – specifically, to when Scotty T joined the cast of Geordie Shore in series three.

Who is Charlotte Crosbys real dad?

Gary Crosby Charlotte Crosby/Fathers

Where is CHARLOTTE Crosbys boyfriend?

Reality fans were left shocked by the news that Charlotte Crosby has split from her boyfriend, Liam Beaumont. The pair had been tipped to get engaged this year, but today confirmed that Liam has moved out of Charlottes house.

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