Question: Who is Chicas crush?

Instead Chica is on Bonnies side and it is apparent that Chica has a crush on Bonnie. He proves to be willing to protect her in any circumstance, and even tries to hit Fredbear for smacking Chica.

Is mangle Foxys girlfriend?

Mangle is Foxys girlfriend. She is very important to him. When Foxy was feeling down, Mangle helped cheer him up and they kissed. Mangle was unfortunately destroyed by Chica, which caused Foxy to be slightly frighten of her.

Who is Freddys crush in FNAF?

Ellie is a pink elephant animatronic who was the main attraction of Freddy Fazbears Musical Universe Restaurant.

Who is Toy Bonnies crush?

The first crush of Toy Chica is Freddy Fazbear. She describes his top hat, and that she will get him by asking for help with homework. Meanwhile, in her backpack, Foxys hook can be seen. The second crush is Twisted Wolf from Five Nights at Freddys: The Twisted Ones.

Who is Foxys brother?

In Five Nights at Freddys 4, he is the main antagonist of the minigames and the overarching antagonist/possible protagonist of the nights. He is the Crying Childs emotionally abusive older brother and the one who caused The Bite of 83. Nightmare Foxy is theorized to represent him.

What did mangle used to look like?

Unlike most other versions of Foxy, Mangle is meant to be a clown. They are also the most damaged and irreparable version of Foxy. Mangle has red cheeks, as well as lipstick haphazardly dotted on their elongated snout. Mangles head is white and has pale red accents on their inner ear, snout, and around their eyes.

Why is mangle destroyed?

The cause for Mangles severely mutilated state, as noted by Phone Guy from the second game, is due to the exposure to toddlers, who would constantly rip them apart, piece by piece, forcing the staff to reassemble them after every shift.

What is Toy Chicas human name?

Chica the Chicken (with her human name being Susie) is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddys series.

Is mangle a dead dog?

from the books we also know that William Afton was experimenting with Remnant this dog, mangle was the first successful experiment. and look at the similarities between the dead dog that we can see in fruity maze and mangle, both are missing an eye, and both have body parts spread around.

Why does mangle look weird?

Mangle is shown to be sadistic, twisted, malicious, and taunting as it reveals the trauma that it had to go through when the kids took it apart at Kids Cove making it look distort and mutilated in appearance, due to this event, Mangle became extremely agitated and in order to extract revenge it taunts the player on

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