Question: Who is guardian angel dating?

Singer dating fellow artist aged 50. Guardian Angel, 24, and Esther Musila have publicly displayed their affection by rocking matching outfits and even working out together. Musila is a mother of three children aged between 22 and 29.

How old is gospel singer guardian angel?

How old is Guardian Angel? Guardian is 31 years old as of 2020, he was born in January 1989, in Kenya.

What is the age of Guardian Angel?

Kenyan gospel singer Guardian Angel, 24, has caused a stir online after he introduced his girlfriend who is twice his age. Angel, whose real name is Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, recently announced he is dating fellow gospel singer Esther Musila, who is 50 years old.

Where does Guardian Angel come from?

Guardian Angel was born and raised in Kitale. His mother conceived him while she was in her final year in a nursing college.

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