Question: Where should I live in New York in my 20s?

Should you live in NYC in your 20s?

You should move to New York in your 20s so you can become more independent, in every way possible. Not all aspects of independence come at the same time. If you get a job you are financially independent, but emotionally you might still not be able to stand on your two feet. One does not always come with the other.

What can you do in New York City in your 20s?

20 Things to Do in New York City in Your TwentiesBowl and dance the night away. Befriend somebody with a house in the Hamptons. Party in a Bushwick warehouse. Eat your way through the Smorgasburg food market. Take an architecture tour. Make reservations for a bottomless brunch. Have a pillow fight in Union Square.More items •Jul 10, 2020

Why you should move to New York in your 20s?

Heres why you should move to NYC in your 20s.Youll learn to grow up fast. Youll learn to grow up fast. NYC will broaden your life and career horizons, big time! The nightlife scene is like nowhere else. You can always find something free to do. Theres never a dull moment.Aug 25, 2018

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