Question: What state has the most beautiful woman?

Connecticut tops the chart as the state with the most beautiful women while Manhattan, NY is the number one city. Montana ranks highest as the state with the best-looking men while Jacksonville, FL takes the top spot as the city with the hottest guys.

What states have the most attractive girls?

Hawaii. Hawaii is the sexiest state in America by our standards. New York. New York comes in at No 2. 3. California. Not surprising that the state home to Hollywood comes in at No. Virginia. Virginia is a very well-rounded state at No. Illinois. Illinois rounds our our top 5. Montana. Iowa. Maine.More items •Sep 23, 2013

Where are the most attractive females from?

Top 17 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World#8 Italy. #7 Venezuela. #6 Russia. #5 Colombia. #4 Denmark. #3 South Korea. #2 Ukraine. Ukraine was actually voted as having some of the most beautiful women in the world. #1 Brazil. Theyre sporty, tanned and give off a natural beach vibe.More items

Who is prettiest woman alive?

Teyana Taylor covers Maxim magazine as Sexiest Woman Alive Teyana Taylor is showing the world why she is No. 1. Maxim magazine crowned the multi-hyphenate entertainer as itsSexiest Woman Alive, topping the list of the publications Hot 100.

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