Question: What are the power dynamics in a relationship?

Power dynamics describes how power affects a relationship between two or more people. Power affects all aspects of social life, from the workplace to the home. Power is not inherently negative. For example, the ability of a parent to influence their toddlers actions can help keep them out of harms way.

What are the dynamics of a relationship?

Relationship dynamics are the patterns of behaviour that happen between people in the ways we relate, interact and communicate with each other. Having an awareness and understanding of the dynamics that play out in our relationships puts us in a position of empowerment.

Can a relationship dynamic change?

If you want to change the dynamics of a relationship, whether its with a current intimate partner, an ex-partner (e.g., your childrens other parent), a sibling, friend or parent, you have the power to effect change all by yourself. You do not need to attend counselling together.

What is abuse of power in relationships?

When one partner uses tactics to control the other partner, it can be very damaging. This control or power imbalance can take many forms, including threats, stalking behaviour, and physical abuse. This usually results in one partner being scared of another, leaving them unable to feel safe in the relationship.

Can relationship change?

Relationships naturally change as they grow and develop. Dealing with changes starts with understanding your partner and learning ways to manage differences. Although its natural for change to happen in a relationship, sometimes it can be difficult for one or both partners to understand why and what to do about it.

What are examples of abuse of power?

Examples of abuse of power at the workplaceHarassing or bullying colleagues or subordinates.Asking for sexual favours from the employees or making inappropriate contact with employees.Asking staff to perform personal errands.More items •Oct 18, 2019

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