Question: Is Paul Wesley still married?

Wesley lived in Atlanta, Georgia, while filming The Vampire Diaries and the rest of the time with DeVitto in Los Angeles, California. He sold his Los Angeles residence after his divorce from DeVitto at the end of 2013. As of February 2019, Wesley is married to Ines de Ramon.

Who is Paul Wesleys wife now?

Ines de Ramonm. 2019 Torrey DeVittom. 2011–2013 Paul Wesley/Wife

Where is Paul Wesley now 2020?

Wesley continues to act on TV shows, but has also stepped into directing and starring in off-Broadway productions. The actor directed several episodes of TVD and one episode of Freeforms Shadowhunters.

Are Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder friends in real life?

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley might not be bros IRL, but their friendship is like a brotherhood after years of working together on The Vampire Diaries. Paul noted that just like the brothers they played on screen, Damon and Stefon Salvatore, they compliment each other well in their brotherhood.

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