Question: How many endings does Hatoful boyfriend?

Hatoful Boyfriend contains a variety of endings. The original game sported 15 endings with the remake adding 1 more ending to that list. Holiday Star has only one ending as it took a more episodic approach to storytelling.

How long does it take to finish Hatoful boyfriend?

Updated:Single-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story1401h 35mMain + Extras384h 40mCompletionists1979h 45mAll PlayStyles3756h 11m

What happened to humans in Hatoful boyfriend?

Hiyoko was killed at the start of the Hurtful Boyfriend route by the Charon Virus in Ryouta. The deadly virus, which affects only humans, was part of Shuus plan to fulfill Ryoutas wish. With the human race gone, the fighting would stop.

How do you get the endings in Hatoful boyfriend?

Hatoful Boyfriend - Okosan Endings (Until Next Time, A Pudding Odyssey)4/11: Join the track team.4/15: Long distance.4/21: Talk to San.5/21: Go to the marathon.6/12: Side with Okosan.6/22: Go to the cafeteria.6/22: Let him go.7/07: Conquer the world by force.More items •Jun 26, 2017

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