Question: What is BookOfMatches?

Is Bookofmatches com legit?

Bookofmatches is not a scam, but a genuine effort of helping men and women find their perfect match.

Is Book of Matches free? Price / Costs & Payment Methods (How much does Book of Matches cost? / Is Book of Matches free?) This site is completely free to use. There are no paid add-ons or payment-plans.

How much do fire matches cost?

4 Packs Large Matches 250 Count Strike on Box Fire Starter 1000 Matches LotWas:$5.70 DetailsPrice:$1.17 ($0.00 / Count)You Save:$4.53 (79%)

Are matches better than lighters?

Which is better to use matches or lighters? Matches take longer to light, but, are better. Lighters that use lighter fluid (i.e. affordable disposables) are horrible for cigars and pipes because they burn too hot consequently ruining the smoke, plus it leaves a taste.

Are Diamond matches still made in USA?

Made in the USA since 1881, diamond matches are well known for being sturdy and easy to light. Ideal for candles, stoves, grills, fireplaces and campfires, they are the 1 brand of matches and still going strong. These are sourced from 100% aspen wood grown in responsibly managed forests.

What lasts longer matches or lighter?

Because lighters function using fuel, survivalists can get several thousands of uses out of a single lighter meaning one lighter can last for years. These are a lot more uses than even a large pack of matches will yield.

What are diamond Greenlight matches made of?

wood splints Quick to light, Diamond Greenlight Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches are are made from wood splints made from responsibly managed forests.

Where are diamond matches manufactured?

The Diamond Match Company operated plants at Barberton, Ohio; Wilmington, Delaware (now located in the East Brandywine Historic District); Barber, California (later Chico); Springfield, Massachusetts, Oswego, New York, and Cloquet, Minnesota.

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