Question: When to announce engagement to the Amish community?

A couple wont announce their engagement until just a few weeks before their wedding. They keep it a secret (as long as they can). It is always an occasion for a new dress for the bride. They typically dont wear white but one of the more acceptable colors of their group.

When can a courting Amish couple get married?

Sixteen is the age when courtship begins, but couples will likely be 20 or older when they marry. Both parties must be church members.

Why do Amish only get married on Thursday?

Why do the Amish get married on Thurdays and not on a Saturday when they have off of work? Amish weddings typically occur on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, as those are the least-busy days of the farming week. The community needs a full day to prepare and clean up for the event.

How do Amish propose?

Instead of rings, young Amish men propose to their brides with something more practical - a musical clock, or dishware. Then, the engagement is kept a secret until its published at church. During that time, the couple have a limited number of dates each month, and usually communicate mainly by letter.

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