Question: How do you know if she has deep feelings for you?

How do you know if she has feelings for you?

If a girl has feelings for you, then she would value your opinion above everything. She would frequently ask you if she was right doing something because what you think of her matters. Also, she wants you to have a good opinion about her.

How do you know if she is deeply in love with you?

How to know if a girl loves youHer mood changes. She is floating on air/floating on the clouds. She has a twinkle in her eyes. She changes her look to more feminine. She shows great interest in your personality. She is trying to show off her winning side. She is glad to receive any signs of your attention.More items •Feb 17, 2019

How do you tell if a girl has feelings for you but is hiding it?

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It – 35 Low-Key You make her smile.Her body language is open and welcoming.She flirts overs text.She texts you often.She cant stop talking about you.She makes an effort to keep in touch.Shes there for you.Shes nervous around you.More items •Aug 28, 2021

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