Question: Does Fenton Glass have any value?

A Fenton hobnail 4 1/2-inch vase can go for $15 to $50. The older it is, the higher in cost. Opalescent or iridescent glass can be worth more. Pre-1958 Fenton milk glass is said to be easily distinguishable because it is less dense, less opaque, than their milk glass made from 1958 onwards.

What is Fenton worth?

Mass-Market Fenton Art Glass PiecesFenton Glass PieceCurrent Value Range4 ½” Hobnail Vase$15 to $50 Older items bring higher prices. Opalescent or iridescent glass can increase a pieces value.Black Rose Bowl$65 to $75Butterflies Bon Bon Dish$10 to $50Carnival Glass Autumn Acorns Bowl$65 to $1503 more rows•Mar 19, 2021

How can you tell how old a Fenton Glass is?

Check for a small number in the oval that denotes the year. In the 1980s, Fenton added a number 8 to the logo to indicate the decade when the pieces were made. They used a 9 during the 90s and a 0 from 2000 to the present. These numbers may be small and hard to see.

Where can I sell my Fenton Glass?

Many Fenton items are being sold on eBay and Facebook. See the article below. If you have a larger collection, then you could consider an auction. One of the most experienced Fenton auctioneers is Randy Clark Auctions in Dexter City, Ohio.

Is Fenton Glass a good investment?

Fenton glass is highly valuable when it is in mint condition, is from a limited line or was manufactured before the 1950s. According to Fentons latest catalog, many new glass pieces have a retail price of under $100, making it easy to collect new pieces as they are released. Older pieces can be worth more.

How do you know if hobnail is Fenton?

Fenton Glass: Colored Hobnail When you see the whitish tinge around the neck and on some of the hobnails, you know your piece is “opalescent.”

Is Fenton glass company still in business?

After three auctions scheduled in May and June for tools, fixtures and other items, the factory will be demolished later this year to make room for a new school. Fenton said the Fenton Art Glass Co. is no longer active. factory operated for over a century in Williamstown, before closing in 2011.

What is the rarest piece of carnival glass?

According to Colleywood Carnival Glass, the following colors are among the rarest and most valuable:Fenton Ambergina - a deep orange-red tone.Northwood Marigold - a warm-toned deep yellow.Fenton Cherry Red - a dark, glowing red.Northwood Black Amethyst - a very dark purple that appears almost black.More items

Why is Fenton so popular?

Why did it become popular? Initially, Fenton became popular for its carnival glass creations — pieces designed to look like the expensive iridescent glass that Tiffany and the like sold, but that were affordable enough for the average home.

Are all Fenton Glass shoes marked?

Most Fenton glass is marked “Fenton,” but some other marks were also used. Pieces marked with “F” in an oval were made from molds bought from other glass companies.

Who is Bill Fenton?

The youngest of eight children born to Lillian and Frank L. Fenton, Bill was a lifelong resident of Williamstown, West Virginia. Senior class president and basketball star, Bill graduated from Williamstown High School and went on to Marietta College, leaving after his junior year to enter the. U. S. Army.

Is carnival glass worth any money?

With its stunningly beautiful colors, iridescent glaze, and endless variety, carnival glass is a popular collectors item that used to be given away for free. Today, its common for single pieces to fetch $30 to $50 at auction with especially desirable items selling for much more.

How can you tell if a shoe is Fenton glass?

The mould shape is the main shape of an item including the base and mid-section. The measurement and shape of the base and the main shape of the item can help identify if is Fenton. This is important when collecting Stretch Glass as many of the companies that made Stretch Glass produced very similar items.

How do you know if carnival glass is valuable?

The most common ways to identify the glass are:Look at the coloring and sheen for the iridescent rainbow effect.Check out the base of the glass, which should not be thick or weighty. Look for the manufacturers mark, although keep in mind many companies did not place a mark on their carnival glass.More items

What is the most valuable color of carnival glass?

Color and pattern, which helps identify both the rareness of the piece as well as its manufacturer. Some of the most valuable colors are cherry red, black amethyst, and ice green.

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