Question: What was the best advice I ever received for marriage?

What is the best advice for a successful marriage?

23 Damn Good Pieces of Marriage AdviceRemember Your Commitment. Assume the Best of One Another. Dont Ever Stop Trying. Stop Stonewalling. Communicate Respectfully. Always Be Flexible. Curiosity Saves Couples. Be Willing to Grow and Learn.More items •25 Jun 2020

What is the best marriage advice Quora?

Think before you speak. Dont give up. Give your marriage at least as much attention as you give your hobbies. Treat your spouse better than you treat anyone else. Have separate interests. Encourage your spouses dreams and goals. Find things you enjoy doing together.More items

How can I make my love marriage strong?

12 Ways to Build a Strong Marriage Relationship:Be intentional about spending time together and doing things you both enjoy.Forgive quickly. Surround yourself with friends who will strengthen your marriage. Make sex a priority. Keep communication lines open. Join a thriving community of faith. Pick your battles.More items •9 Apr 2018

How can I prepare for marriage Quora?

Talk openly about each and -everything with your would-be-spouse and unless you are 1000% sure that he is the one, dont take the further steps. I am sure you will get over with the fears once you meet someone who is ready to make you feel comfortable for all the apprehensions you have.

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