Question: What are some of the most popular Italian wedding traditions?

Who pays for a traditional Italian wedding?

Customarily, the brides family pays for the invitations, floral decorations and the bridesmaids clothing. The grooms family pays for everything else, including the brides bouquet, the honeymoon, the rings, payment for the church as well as the musicians.

The Surprising Stories Behind 10 Common Wedding TraditionsThe engagement ring. Something old, new, borrowed and blue. Not seeing each other before the wedding. The wedding cake. The bouquet. Bridesmaids. The garter toss. Throwing the bouquet.More items •29 Mar 2018

Why do people have sugared almonds at weddings?

Sugar-coated almonds are used as wedding favours for very specific reasons. Almonds come with a bittersweet taste, which is thought to signify lifes up and downs. The sugar coating highlights the wish that the couples married life will be sweeter rather than bitter.

What can a bride hold instead of flowers?

33 Alternative Bouquet Ideas For Non-Traditional BridesDried flowers. Im so smitten with this dried flower bouquet. Purple felt flowers. Paper flowers. Origami fabric. Decoden vintage cameras. Sheet music. Ombre paper. Jewel brights brooch.More items •22 Jun 2014

What wedding guests care about?

9 things wedding guests actually care about that are worth spending money onThe bar. Kats Weil / unsplash. The food. / unsplash. Being invited to both the ceremony and reception. Matthew Essman / unsplash. A seating chart. Mingling. Being greeted by the newlyweds. The weather. The terrain.More items •2 Oct 2018

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