Question: What does ampeg stand for?

SVT originally stood for Super Vacuum Tube, but Ampeg has since revised the meaning of the acronym to Super Valve Technology, with the word valve referring to the vacuum tubes (called valves in Britain and some other regions) used in the amp.

What is the meaning of Ampeg?

Ampeg is a manufacturer of musical instruments, especially the musical instrument amplifier, established by Everett Hull and Stanley Michaels in 1946 , and now headquartered in Woodinville, Washington.

How did Ampeg get its name?

Hulls design placed a transducer atop a support peg inside the body of his instrument, inspiring his wife Gertrude to name the invention the Ampeg, an abbreviated version of amplified peg. On February 6, 1946, Hull filed a patent application for his sound amplifying means for stringed musical instruments of the

Who owns Ampeg?

Yamaha Corporation Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. Ampeg/Parent organizations

Does ampeg make guitar amps?

Ampeg guitar amps are back! So, head over to the Ampeg site, find your favorite GVT model and use the Find a Dealer option to locate a dealer in your area that carries GVT. If you want to read more about GVT, hear some tone samples or find a dealer, head over to the GVT page at Ampegs website.

When did Yamaha Buy Line 6?

2014 Building on a long history as a leading guitar company, Yamaha demonstrated their commitment to the future of the global guitar market when they acquired Line 6 in 2014.

Who made Sunn speakers?

If you thought that living in Tualatin in the 1960s with a population of 359 people might have been boring, I may be able to change your mind by telling you about one of the current living Tualatin legends–Conrad Sundholm–who created Sunn Musical Equipment Company in Tualatin, which manufactured guitar amplifiers.

Is Line 6 owned by Yamaha?

About Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. (YGG) is a U.S. based wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, that is dedicated to serving the needs of guitar players through two distinct brands: Yamaha and Line 6.

Where are Line 6 products made?

China Line 6 imports its products primarily from China. Since December 2013, it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation.

Who uses Super Reverb?

blues guitarists The Super Reverb is commonly used by blues guitarists due to its ability to deliver loud, warm tube distortion through its four 10 speakers. It is also known as having a scooped mids tonality, meaning that there is less midrange and an emphasis of sparkly treble and full, round bass frequencies.

Where is the Fender Bassman made?

The first series of the reissue were made at the Corona, California facility, and came equipped with four Eminence-made 10 blue frame AlNiCo speakers, and a solid state rectifier unit. Later on, production was moved to Ensenada, Baja California, and the model name was altered to 59 Bassman LTD.

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